breaking the close

by The Isolation Party



released May 3, 2016



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The Isolation Party Austin, Texas

i wanna rot your body 'til the break of dawn.

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Track Name: breaking the close
the following conversation was recorded may 7, 2016.

"what do you mean arbitration--for a three piece sectional?
i see you've got a list of pros and cons already.
well i don't need the scientific method, i'm the fuckin' man of the house.
you got that table and chairs you wanted, so you shouldn't be so salty.
you're like a drink of the ocean.
you really want to domesticate this ape.
next you'll want to put lipstick on this pig.
we're all lips and assholes.
but it's only fifty dollars a month, but let's be sure to get the insurance.
black or gray? i can't decide.
that would be a first.
how can it be worse?
here's why i gotta swallow my pride, i should have known
you can't run from lips and assholes.
oh fuck it, get what ever you want.
ever since you said yes, you got me saying it non-stop. "